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Exceptional Products and Artwork to Enhance Your Experience

At Happy Hut, we proudly sell many quality products to meet the needs of our valued customers. Whether you’re in the market for hookahs, grinders, and rolling papers to enhance the enjoyment of your next smoking session or incense to improve the fragrance and tranquility of your home. You may also be surprised to learn that we offer tapestries, posters, and artwork by local artists. So, if you’re looking for a new piece to brighten up your room or enhance your home, come to Happy Hut to see the incredible art we have on display. We’ll help you pick the perfect products or artwork to meet your needs and ensure you leave our shop feeling satisfied and inspired to come back as often as you’d like!


Typically, dry herb was consumed by Rolling it in a leaf to smoke. Now, there are a variety of products used to roll dry herbs. Rolling papers are traditional and are small cigarette-sized sheets folded within a cardboard wrapper. These papers typically roll joints and cigarettes. Wraps on the other hand are a bit thicker and are made out of more dense material.

Come visit us to learn more about the differences between joints, splits, and blunts as we have so many cool, traditional and new ways to roll up your flower.

Weed grinder Fresh marijuana - Decatur, IL


Herb grinders are essential for regular cannabis smokers. Whether rolling, packing a bowl in your favorite bong, or loading a pocket spoon, the best smoke requires a consistent grind. Additionally, grinders allow smokers to get the most out of their purchased product. Pollen and other plant matter can stick to your fingers when separating the herb by hand, reducing its potency. When using a grinder, all plant matter is contained within the chamber, and many models have a screen to catch every last molecule so you can enjoy your stash to its fullest potential. By thoroughly grinding herbs, you can sprinkle them into your bowl with their full potency and pack them more tightly for increased airflow and greater control over how quickly your bowl will burn.

Grinders should only be used with dry herbs, and because dry herbs must be separated for optimal combustion, grinders are the perfect tool for preparing your next smoking session. Come to Happy Hut to pick out a grinder to match your style.


Incense is a substance that, when burned, emits a pleasant, fragrant scent. In fact, “incense” comes from the Latin word “to burn.”

Incense has existed for centuries; it was utilized in religious ceremonies in ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Greece. Over the centuries and into the present day, people all over the world have burned incense for a variety of reasons, including religious practices, odor control, and warding off demons and evil spirits. You can absolutely use our incense for those reasons or simply because it smells good.

Whatever your style, we’re not here to judge. Make your home smell amazing and enjoy some much-need, well-deserved relaxing scents to help you unwind at the end of each day.


If you’re interested in wall hangings for your home, we have a selection of tapestries and posters, and all our other products. You’ll be dazzled and impressed with all the interesting patterns and vibrant colors, so you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. Why not pick a piece of art while shopping for your next smoking session? Even unique artwork can enhance your smoking session if you know what we mean. Our incredible tapestries and posters can be enjoyed whether high or sober.

We also have art for sale, from our posters and tapestries to our glass art. Support a deserving local artist and pick out a unique piece for your home. Happy Hut will gladly serve any of your needs.

Come to Happy Hut to check out our awesome collection and let us help you find the next addition to your home that is sure to enrich and improve any room!

*if you are a local artist and are interested in displaying/selling your work, please contact us!