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A Unique Store & Excellent Products for a Memorable Experience in Decatur, IL

Happy Hut in Decatur, IL is happy to provide everything our customers need and want for their personal cannabis experiences. We are a locally-owned company with knowledgeable staff and a wide variety of products to keep our loyal customers satisfied. We sell water pipes, hookahs, bongs, edibles, Kratom products, hemp products, chillums, rolling papers, and grinders, as well as incense, tapestries, posters, and local artwork. We can also custom-order products for you. All you have to do is ask one of our in-store experts, and we’ll hook you up with the perfect products for your needs. Come visit our unique shop on West Main Street today! We’re always happy to serve our community because we live to make the world a happier place.

Glass Pipes
A variety of pipes to choose from to enhance your smoking experience with the right tools.
Acrylic Pipes
A variety of pipes to choose from to enhance your smoking experience with the right tools.
Silicone Pipes
A variety of pipes to choose from to enhance your smoking experience with the right tools.
Hookahs & Bongs
Different styles of water pipes to smoke whatever flavor of tobacco you choose.
Rolling papers & Grinders
Papers to roll joints and cigarettes and stylish grinders to grind your stash to the perfect texture. Our products will improve your smoking sessions.
One-hitters & Chillums
We have one-hitters and stylish chillums for quick and easy on-the-go puffs
Consumables/ Edibles
A variety of tasty products, from gummies, brownies, and candies, to mints, drinks, and dissolvable tablets.
Kratom products
Leaves with psychoactive compounds you can infuse with tea, or take as capsules to stimulate energy.
A variety of different fragrances to burn to improve the atmosphere and tranquility of your home.
Tapestries, Posters, & Local Art
Vibrant wall hangings and artwork from local artists to display in your home.

About Us

Happy Hut is owned by Garrick and Deja in downtown Decatur. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our family, friends, and customers. Happy Hut is a one-stop-smoke shop, and we’re happy to provide all the products required for your smoking needs. We list pictures of our exciting products on our Facebook page so be sure to visit for announcements, sales, and events! With Happy Hut, we enthusiastically celebrate every day like it’s 4/20.

Why Choose Our Company?

The best reason to choose our company is that we have the best products and the nicest, most knowledgeable staff! We will dedicate ourselves to finding you the perfect products for your needs to enhance your experience. You can trust our expertise and guidance, as well as the quality of our professional-grade products. You’ll never go wrong with items purchased from Happy Hut.

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